Saturday, July 9, 2011

iPod Touch 3G

Yes, 3G, not the 3rd Generation iPod Touch.

Rumours floating around today, claiming Apple will "infuse" a 3G chip to upcoming model of iPod Touch 5th Generation.

Will this be another breakthrough or, instead, a step back as the 3G capability embedded is near to previous models of iPhones, just lacking sms and phone call capabilities(which will soon be replaced by iMessage and Skype?)

Will it change the way we view iPod Touch as....well, an iPod? or now iPod Touch Phone?
Will you buy these when apple releases it? feel free to comment 

iOS 4.3.3 Jailbreak Finally Released

To all Jailbreak Lovers, cheers! the long awaited JailbreakMe 3.0 is finally out!
This Safari based Jailbreak is created by comex, a renowned name in Jailbreak.

Currently supported iOS devices are: iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch, iPad 2 and iPad (should be running iOS 4.3.3, earlier versions will be updated soon)

JailbreakMe doesn't require any form of PCs or Macs, simply connect ot a Wi-Fi network and go to to Jailbreak.
remember to reboot your device after installing Cydia and remember to save your shsh blobs for iOS 4.3.3 as Apple patches will be fixing this exploit.

Attention iPhone 4 users!
DO NOT upgrade to iOS 4.3.3 if you want to keep your unlock intact!

Happy Jailbreaking! :D

Monday, June 13, 2011

iOS 5: Apple's Breakthrough?

Everyone (well, not everyone, but most people, for sure) is excited when the Worldwide Developer Conference(WWDC) is held a few days ago.
on thes special event, Apple Inc., a renowned technology junkie, introduced a few things which might spice up the tech-race.
iCloud, iOS 5, Mac App Store were introduced on that particular event.
I've conducted a research on what is in the 200+ features list invented by Apple (sure, some of them are indeed brilliant ideas from Jailbreakers)
Here's a list:
- Notification Center
- Lock Screen Notifications
- Notifications Options and Sorting
- iMessage(probably a BBM alternative)
- Newstand
- Reminders
- Twitter Integration
- Camera App From Lock Screen
- Camera Shutter Button (Volume Up)
- iPad Gesture Commands
- Photo Editor
- iCloud
- Photo Stream via iCloud
- Rotate Photos
- Organize Photos from Camera Roll
- No PC for Activation os iOS devices
- Multitasking while syncing
- OTA software updates (iOS)
- Delta updates (Download updated files only)
- Wi-Fi Sync
- Private Browsing
- Backup and Restore via iCloud
- Rich Text Formatting
- Game Center Improvements
- Custom Tones (yep, finally)
- iTunes Tones Store
- Built-in Dictionary
- Delete Songs
- Improved App Store
- New Keyboard (iPad Only)
- FaceTime over 3G(another JB rip-off)
- Improved Calendar
- Live Stocks Updates
- Customisable Vibrations and LED for alerts (Calls, SMS, etc.)

That's pretty much it, i'll post if any updates come out any soon :)
(Quoted from various sources)

Life As We Know It

No matter how hard life beats you down, never give up, take your chances

Life cannot be defined, if you could define life, I don't think it's even called life anymore.
Life is full of suspense, it's like riding a roller coaster, it has all its fast and slow movements, all those twists and turns and ups and downs, you never know what lies ahead.
Life is also like on a wheel, sometimes you are at the top of it, enjoying every bit of it, whereas sometimes you are ath the lowest point, suffering every bitter piece.

In spite of all those joyful and excruciating moments of life, life is worth enjoying. No matter what happens to you, fail your exams, lose a soccer match, stuck on a job you hated the most, never give in to what life has in store for you. because in the end, life is still worth living. You never know what life is, it's beyond your expectation. When life throws you down hard, be grateful, since you gain the chance to shake off the bad bits, clean up your mistakes, and move forward.
It's all about taking chances, whether you are aware of it or not. Make prudent choices for your life, live it to the fullest and learn from every step you make, be it mistake or breakthrough.

The (Miscalculated) Apocalypse

The initially predicted doomsday on 21st May, went wrong. Perhaps not many people are aware of this prophecy, which predicted that the Rapture, as described in the Bible would occur on that day at around 6 p.m..
An interesting thing about those believers is that some of them quit their job, sold their valuable things and gave up possessions due to this event.
Ironically, the date has then been set to 21st October, claiming there were miscalculations about the date, leaving those poor believers 5 months unemployed (and probably struggling too). False alarm? That one really can't be off the hook!

The Legendary Footballer

Very renowned, passionate and a famous trickster of football, there aren't many footballers out there who can outwit him when it comes to football.

Living up the dream as a professional footballer for the feared Brazilian national team, he definitely awe-strucked many pairs of eyes around the world.

A speed merchant and a superb goal poacher has awarded Ronaldo the nickname the Phenomenon.
However, during the past few years, injury haunted and forced him to warm the bench and not frequently making the regulars.
Nevertheless, he still imprinted his charisma in football ; the fact that he is an absolutely outstanding player never subsided. He is a legend.